Kennel: Spotty Buddy   


Vinca´s Enna + Vinca´s Kongo + T-Cart Obvious, De Lukatan Harry Potter +  
Dandy Diamond Javapami + Spotty Buddy Velvet Freckles + 
Spotty Buddy Mon Cheri + Spotty Buddy Dunder

Their pet names: Enna + Kongo + Obi + Harry + Dandy + Freckles + Cheri + Dunder

Spotty Buddy Litter
My former dogs
Main Paige DK





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Spotty Buddy Mon Cheri



  danish champion       czech champion

  2 x german champion     hungary champion

polish champion         norwegian champion

svensk champion        croatian veteran champion

    nederlands veteran champion  german veteran champion

  luxembourg veteran champion   belgium veteran champion

      danish veteran champion



 Freckles is living in France with Sabine Boyer


Freckles 5 years

Spotty Buddy Velvet Freckles


danish champion   polish champion 

  czech champion

2 x german champion  swedish champion

belgian veteran champion       wallonie veteran champion

   french veteran champion







Spotty Buddy Dunder


Freckles and Cheri

Dalmatians have been my passion since 1990. Vinca's Enna was my first dog , then came Vinca's Kongo, T-Cart Obvious, De Lukatan Harry Spotter, Dandy Diamond Javapami and now Spotty Buddy Velvet Freckles,  Spotty Buddy Mon Cheri and Spotty Buddy Dunder. 

I am a menber of the Danish Kennel Club.

I participated in the Danish Obedience Championship with Kongo, whereas I now concentrate on showing my dogs.

They have been shown in various European countries and this has led to contacts to many other Dalmatian owners around the world. 

Enna never had puppies, whereas Kongo had five litters in Germany.   

To introduce new bloodlines, I  imported Obi from Sweden. Although he did well in shows, he was not happy to be shown and I decided to retire him at an early age. He lived with a nice familty in Norway. Obi enjoyed life in Norway but died too early 19 th july 2009.

Harry came to Denmark on  may 01 th 2004, I imported him from Malaga, Spain. He has a very interesting pedigree with English bloodlines. I found a new family for him but unfortunately I have lost contact, so he is not available as a studdog.

In September 2004, Kongo died. I promised the family who had Kongo, that I would find them a new dog. I chose Dandy Diamond Javapami from the Czech Republik, he has some of the same lines as Kongo. He came to Denmark in February 2005. Dandy does not like shows, so he did not become a showdog. Instead he is the perfect family dog with a very nice temperament.

Freckles is from my first Spotty Buddy litter, his mother is a sister of Harry (De Lukatan Homemade Biscuit). He is doing fine on shows and has also been to Crufts 2008. He is the sire of my second Spotty Buddy litter, and the sire of 7 litters in total.

Cheri is a daughter of Freckles. She is doing well on shows and she is the mother of my third litter.

From my third litter I now have Dunder.

Would you like to know more about my dogs or just want to a dalmatian chat please feel free to call me or send me an mail.

Tenna Johansen
Markdannersvej 33
6600 Vejen
Tlf. 20 74 46 55
E-mail: @

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